The Kinks’ Dave Davies Talks Star Trek, Spirituality, and Gurus

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The KinksDave Davies calls in to talk with Kyle Meredith about The Journey Part 1, which celebrates the 60 years of the legendary band. The guitarist and songwriter tells us about looking back at his past, the band not being afraid of darker subjects, and the intersection between spirituality and politics. In fact, Davies is a big Star Trek fan and compares their subject matter to the philosophy frequently found in the episodes of the iconic series.

“What’s really helped The Kinks, I think, is the humor,” says Davies. “Humor holds things together when they could easily fall apart… It’s such a great way to express how we really feel without hurting anyone. We don’t have to hurt each other — but I don’t know, sometimes we need a little bit of pain to see truth, if there is truth, which I believe there is. And there’s probably as much truth in a Star Trek episode as there is in a political rally. Probably a lot more, a deeper truth.”

He goes on to discuss the importance of imagination and self expression, having a duty to help people, and having his brother Ray as one of his biggest gurus.

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