Rachael Lampa Wins Breakout Single for the KLOVE Fan Awards

Singer/Songwriter Rachael Lampa was awarded her first K-LOVE Fan Award for her song “Perfectly Loved” ft. TobyMac for the “Breakout Single” category. The fan-voted awards were taped at the iconic OPRY house on May 28th and aired on TBN on June 2nd. Lampa also performed her award-winning song at the awards and was nominated for three total categories. “Perfectly Loved” was co-written with Andrew Ripp and Ethan Hulse and released on Holly Street Records.

“This has been such a sweet and healing season in so many ways,” shares Rachael Lampa after winning. “Being able to share who God is to me and for it to resonate with others is so redeeming of the past 10+ years of not doing music. And being able to do this all while spending sweet time with my babies and family and community, what a gift.”
“Perfectly Loved” was Lampa’s comeback song after a long break from doing her own music. The No. 1 song was inspired by both her inner-healing journey and her work in prison ministry with a non-profit that is founded and run by her family, called People Loving Nashville. This has become a theme for many of her new songs including “Wild Ones” and her newest release “Somebody To You.”

She continues, “My song, ‘Perfectly Loved’, actually came about at a time when I was not thinking about doing music again, it was not on my radar. I was spending a lot of time with my family’s non-profit. Serving people experiencing homelessness, incarceration, and other struggles. I was telling them about some of the women in the prison I was working with and how their love for God was brought to life again- it made me think about 14-year-old me. About the little girl who started to believe over time that the more I accomplished, the more I performed, the more success I had, and the more worthy of the love that I was – if I ever messed up, I would ruin it all. This song is sort of a letter to those girls in prison, but also a letter back to young Rachael. About how God’s love is so perfect that we don’t have to fight for it, we don’t have to earn it. It is so cool to look in hindsight and see how God’s love followed me all the way through and finds me now. His love is perfect! We are made from it, we are made for it, and there is nothing we can do to lose it. “

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