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When Jimin touched down in New York City to promote his solo debut album FACE, Vogue caught it all on video. The fashion magazine released a day-in-the-life video with the BTS singer in which he gets ready to appear on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

The video kicks off with the K-pop star taking a look through his wardrobe for his upcoming television performance. “I’ll be performing at the Jimmy Fallon show tomorrow. The vibe of this outfit is a bit like I’ve become the star in the club, this sparkling outfit,” he excitedly tells the camera.

Appearing on Fallon was a major full-circle moment for Jimin. “The place I’m shooting at tomorrow, right around that located is where I first performed in the U.S., for 20,000 to 30,000 people,” he explained. “ARMY is the name of our BTS fanbase. ARMY would translate all our songs in English for us and keep sending them to America. Then, thanks to our American fans, we could get played on the radio. That’s how I was able to come here. This time, I’m releasing my first solo album.”

The K-pop vocalist then caught up with record producer Pdogg, who played a crucial role in helping craft FACE. “Last time I was in the States, I spoke with the other BTS members about how I wanted to make an album, so I called Pdogg right away and he immediately told me to come over,” Jimin said. “So we met up and talked about what kind of songs I wanted to make.”

After a brief stop to go record shopping, Jimin heads to the studio to perfect his dance moves before appearing on television.

See Jimin’s full day in New York City in the video above.

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