E-40 Calls Out Sacramento Kings for ‘Racial Bias’ – Billboard

After being kicked out of Game 1 of the Golden State Warriors versus Sacramento Kings first-round playoff game on Saturday night (April. 16), E-40 lambasted the Kings’ organization for “racial bias” when handling his confrontation with a female fan.



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40, known as a Golden State Warriors fan and frequent attendee, sent a statement to Billboard, recalling the incident involving him addressing the heckler in “an assertive but polite manner.”

“On Saturday night, I was subjected to disrespectful heckling over the course of the Warriors-Kings game in Sacramento. During the fourth quarter, I finally turned around and addressed one heckler in an assertive but polite manner. Yet, shortly thereafter, Kings’ security approached me, assumed that I instigated the encounter and proceeded to kick me out of the arena,” writes 40.

He also acknolwedges that despite his accomplishments as a musician and businessman, “racial bias” continued to be the norm and played an intergral role in his departure from the game.

“Unfortunately, it was yet another reminder that — despite my success and accolades as a musician and entrepreneur — racial bias remains prevalent. Security saw a disagreement between a Black man and a white woman and immediately assumed that I was at fault,” he says.

At the end of his statement, 40 said that he hopes the Kings organization will do a thorough investigation on the matter and that those “involved are held accountable for their behavior.”

“I’ve attended countless NBA games throughout my lifetime and have always prided myself in my professionalism, so this experience has been jarring. I was absolutely humiliated by the Kings’ security team and I’m calling on the franchise to investigate the appalling conduct that transpired.”

He adds, “I’m truly grateful for my fans and supporters who have reached out to express their concern and disappointment regarding these disheartening circumstances and I hope those involved are held accountable for their behavior.”

Watch the clip below.

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