Carrie Fisher’s Daughter Explains Siblings’ Snub at Walk of Fame

Billie Lourd defended her decision to not invite Carrie Fisher’s siblings to the late Star Wars icon’s Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony on Thursday, May 4th, aka Star Wars Day.

In a statement to TMZ, the Ticket to Paradise actor reamed Fisher’s brother Todd and half-sisters Joely and Tricia Leigh Fisher, sharing, “I apologize to anyone reading this for feeling the need to defend myself publicly from these family members. But unfortunately, because they publicly attacked me, I have to publicly respond. The truth is I did not invite them to this ceremony. They know why.”

Lourd attributed the snub to how Fisher’s siblings “chose to process their grief publicly and capitalize on my mother’s death” by seeking “multiple interviews and selling individual books for a lot of money” that also focused on their late mother, Debbie Reynolds, who tragically passed away one day after her daughter in 2016. “I found out they had done this through the press,” she claimed. “They never consulted me or considered how this would affect our relationship.”

She later acknowledged a statement given by Todd to TMZ on May 2nd that called his exclusion “heartbreaking” as well as an Instagram post by Joely and co-signed by Tricia Leigh that claimed “Carrie would have definitely wanted her siblings to be present.” Lourd responded directly by saying it “once again confirms that my instincts were right” and added, “To be clear — there is no feud. We have no relationship. This was a conscious decision on my part to break a cycle with a way of life I want no part of for myself or my children.”

Fisher’s only child did have praise for Disney and Lucasfilm, who she credited with coordinating the Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony. “This moment is about Carrie Fisher and all that she accomplished and what she meant to the world,” she concluded. “I’m going to focus on that. May the 4th be with you.”

On top of the event’s alignment with Star Wars Day, Lourd makes a perfect ambassador for the beloved films considering her appearance throughout the latest trilogy as her own character and as a stand-in for her late mother’s Princess Leia in 2019’s Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

The tribute also serves some long-awaited justice for Fisher’s former co-star Mark Hamill, who demanded the actor replace Donald Trump’s star on the Walk of Fame in 2018.

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