Big Freedia Talks New Album ‘Central City’ & Her Reality Show – Billboard

Big Freedia talks to Billboard about her new album Central City, her new Fuse reality show Big Freedia Means Business, working with legends such as Lil Wayne and Beyoncé, and more!

Big Freedia:
They were trying to stop me from gyrating and called all these police.

Tetris Kelly:
They called the police?

Big Freedia:
Yeah, and I was like, ‘I’m the queen of bounce, honey. You’re all gonna get ready to take me to jail.”

Tetris Kelly:
Twerk all the way to the jail, how about that?

Big Freedia:
Hey, this is Big Freedia, the queen diva, and this is Billboard News — girl down!

Tetris Kelly:
It’s Tetris of Billboard News hanging out with Big Freedia. You looking good! Happy Pride!

Big Freedia:
Thank you, happy Pride to you as well.

Tetris Kelly:
I have been loving the energy. Have you been celebrating Pride?

Big Freedia:
I’ve just been performing everywhere, bringing good energy, you know, going out living in my true being loud and proud.

Tetris Kelly:
And I feel like the energy is different this year because of course, we always celebrate Pride. But then there’s so many social issues happening right now. So have you noticed, like, a difference in Pride this year when we’re under attack for so many reasons?

Big Freedia:
Yeah, I definitely think that we are being fearfulness. And we are going out there and just showing our true colors, and letting them know that all of these laws that they’re trying to put in place, it’s not really stopping anything. We are going to still stand strong, and we’re gonna come together as a community and keep on fighting for our rights.

Watch Big Freedia’s full interview with Billboard News above!

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