Ashley Ryan Is Proud Of Her Roots In New Music Video “Too Far Gone”

Corona, California native Ashley Ryan is proud of her roots, and doesn’t care who knows it.

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Today the talented vocalist released a video to put a visual to her latest single Too Far Gone. The video is fun, fast paced and full of honky tonk style. Set in a bar on a Saturday night, Ashley and her all gal band catch the eye of some of suitors while their girls mock the cowgirls on stage.

“Filming the music video for ‘Too Far Gone’ was such a blast, because you have an image in your head of what the song is saying, and the video really brings the storyline of a sassy country girl to life,” Ryan told All Country News. And boy did she deliver on her promise. With a generous amount of firepower and tongue in cheek sassiness the video is fun to watch from start to finish. Did we mention that the video also includes a cat fight.

Too Far Gone is a song about being proud of your country roots, and not giving in to changing who you are based off of how other people think you should live your life,” Ashley continues. Clearly her no bs style wins in the end. Ashley’s authenticity shines through the fun video and add to the already high-power tune.

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