11 Weird and Wonderful Tents

Why stay in a boring old tent every time you go camping? There are so many awesome options out there! Whether you want rustic, high-tech, or a suspended tent—here a few we rounded up that we just had to share!

1. Bubble tents

Hope you don’t mind waking up with the sun! These bubble tents would be fu in a cooler climate as a make-your-own snow globe.

2. Urban camouflage

Can’t get out of the city for the night? Try an urban camouflage tent to blend in while standing out.

3. A festival tent

This glamping setup isn’t really suited for overnight stays, but neither are most people who like glamping.

4. Suspended teardrop tent

If you’ve ever wanted to hang from a tree while you sleep, this is the tent for you. Sleep soundly protected by your very own cocoon.

5. Big Top-style tent

Bring the excitement of the circus to your next camping trip with this tent—elephants not included.

6. Hanging tree tents

If the whole cocoon tent thing isn’t enough of a thrill, these tents make you feel like your flying.

7. Event tent

Taking a really big group camping? Try renting out an event tent to make a big camp party.

8. Countryside camouflage

Hiding in plain site on a farm? We got you.

9. Modern tent

Feel like you’re camping on the moon—or in Sydney’s operahouse—in this modern and spacious tent.

10. Truckbed tent

If you’ve been driving all day and just need to break for the night, pop one of these up in the bed of your truck and rest for the night.

11. DIY tent

Some people are into a good do-it-yourself project. Try building your own tent the next time you go camping (but maybe bring a premade tent, just in case).

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