11 Private Islands You Can Actually Visit

If you’ve ever been on a beach resort vacation, you know how fabulous it could be. Ultra-comfortable accommodations, fine dining and buffets galore, a lengthy list of activities, unlimited beach access…what more could you want? Well, what if that resort vacation was on a private island where you don’t have to share a beach with hundreds or thousands of other visitors? Now, that is a level up. These getaways exist! Here, the best private islands here you can actually book—you just need buckets of money.

1. Little Palm Island, Florida Keys

Image by Danny Lehman

What to expect: You’ll find Little Palm Island on Little Torch Key in the Florida Keys. If you book a stay on one of this private island’s oceanside beach bungalows, you’ll be pampered by a fabulous spa while enjoying some fun activities on the island, like scuba diving and boating. There’s also a pool on the premises.

How you’ll get there: You’ll have to hop on a seaplane or a private boat to get to your final destination.

Rates: Starting at $3,290 per night

2. Como Parrot Cay, Turks & Caicos

Image by Melanie Mittmann/EyeEm

What to expect: While it feels like quite a trek, when you get to Como Parrot Cay, you can finally relax. There, you’ll be greeted with white sand beaches and freestanding homes and private villas. It’s been said that Bruce Willis and Donna Karan both have properties there. There are two restaurants on the island for your convenience, and you can go on fun paddleboard cruises to see more of what the island has to offer.

How you’ll get there: This gorgeous retreat is 50 minutes away from the Providenciales airport of Turks & Caicos. It’s a 15-minute drive followed by a 35-minute boat ride. 

Rates: Starting at $1,780 per night

3. Islas Secas, Panama

Image by Angel Silva

What to expect: Owned by conservationist Louis Bacon, Islas Secas is the epitome of luxury and sustainability. You’ll find 14 private casitas that you can book. And if you’re super fancy, you can even book the entire island. Once there, you can sign up to go snorkeling, scuba diving, and fishing, just to name a few activities. 

How you’ll get there: You’ll have to use a private Twin Otter airplane or use a scheduled airplane transfer from Tocumen International Airport in Panama City.

Rates: Starting at $2,500 per night

4. Thanda Island, Tanzania

Image by Thanda Island

What to expect: See the Indian Ocean from the confines of the 20-acre Thanda Island. This ultra-luxurious resort off the coast of Tanzania opposite the Rufiji River Delta and the Selous National Park is a dream come true. Various water activities and wellness experiences await you, as well as top-notch service and accommodations.

How you’ll get there: You’ll have to fly to Julius Nyerere International Airport. From there, you’ll have to fly to Dar es Salaam through a local airline. A team will meet you to accompany you through customs, then you’ll transfer to Thanda Island on a helicopter for a 45-minute flight.

Rates: Starting at $40,000 per night with a five-night minimum 

5. Song Saa, Cambodia

Image by Song Saa

Experience quiet island life at Song Saa in Cambodia. Not only will you be in the proximity of tranquil waters along the Cambodian coastline, you can also partake in water sports (like scuba diving, kayaking, snorkeling and speedboating), go hiking and get a spa treatment on the premises. A fishing village and jungle trails are also nearby for you to enjoy.

How you’ll get there: Take a 45-minute speedboat ride from Sihanoukville Port or fly in through a private helicopter.

Rates: Starting at $890 per night

6. Banwa Private Island, Philippines

Image by Banwa Private Island

What to expect: You can rent out the entire Banwa Private Island to  accommodate up to 47 guests for a luxurious tropical getaway alongside the Sulu Sea. During your stay, you’ll have access to six beachfront villas, each with a private infinity pool. There are also 12 inland garden rooms, plus other resort amenities that can’t be beat. Think: fine dining with ingredients from produce grown locally on their organic farm, a golf course and a luxe spa. You can also enjoy access to the mangrove forests of the Barbacan River, plus other activities through the marine sports center.

How you’ll get there: Fly by private jet or helicopter transfer from Manila, which will take 1.5 hours. 

Rates: $100,000 per night

7. Kokomo Private Island, Fiji

Image by Kokomo Island Fiji

What to expect: Fiji sounds like a world away, but the experience staying on Kokomo Private Island near the Great Astrolabe Reef—the fourth largest in the world—will be the ultimate escape. You’ll love the white sand beaches next to the marine life you’ll encounter during your stay if you snorkel or scuba dive. There are 21 villas to stay in with an unexpected Cape Cod-vibe. 

How you’ll get there: Take a direct flight to Nadi International Airport. Once you’re on the mainland, you’ll have to be transferred by air to the resort through a charter or shared flight.

Rates: Starting at $2,100 per night

8. Miavana, Madagascar

Image by Miavana

What to expect: Along the coast of the Indian Ocean lies Miavana, a remote luxury getaway on the largest island in an archipelago off the coast of Madagascar. Upon arrival, you’ll be greeted by a white sand beach along clear waters. A coral reef and resort with 15 villas with private pools await you, as well as lemurs, chameleons and unexplored coves.

How you’ll get there: Boat and helicopter transfers are available from the mainland.

Rates: Starting at $3,400 per night

9. Nangyuan Island Dive Resort, Thailand

Image by Doctor Egg

What to expect: A private island getaway that’s surprisingly affordable, Nangyuan Island Dive Resort offers sweet sunsets on the beach without the hustle and bustle or crowds of some popular Thai travel destinations. During the day, enjoy swimming, diving and more.

How you’ll get there: You can drive, take a bus, or train to Thung Makam Noi Peir. From there, you’ll go to the island on the Lomprayah High Speed catamaran.

Rates: Starting at $89 per night

10. The Sands At Chale Island, Kenya

Image by Chale Island

What to expect: Kenya’s only private island, Chale Island offers secluded white sand beaches, coral reefs and a scenic lake. You’ll appreciate the lush vegetation and wildlife of this tropical island, where you can also enjoy modern amenities like swimming pools, a spa and cocktails. 

How you’ll get there: Take a 40-minute drive from Diani Airport, then get to the island by boat from there.

Rates: Starting at $200 per night

11. Frégate Island, Seychelles

Image by Massimilliano Finzi

What to expect: There are over 100 species on the list of IUCN Red List of Threatened Species located on Frégate Island, making it a truly special one to visit. You can also sun and snorkel while partaking in sustainability efforts. This destination is perfect for the nature lover! It’s closed until 2025, but you can add it to your bucket list now!

How you’ll get there: Take a 15-minute private flight from Mahe International Airport or hop on a boat for a 1.5-hour journey, guided by representatives of the lodge.

Rates: TBD

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